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PCI Bundle - Up to 5 locations


PCI Bundle - Flat Fee of $595 for up to 5 locations Includes:

* Support on installation of WatchGuard Firebox Approved PCI Compliant Secure WIRELESS Router - NOT INCLUDED (note: requires annual subscription to maintain PCI compliant status)

* Contact, Direction and Assistance to secure QSA Scan of internal and external network for non-compliant PCI-DSS vulnerabilities from Qualys. Actual Pricing for Scan comes from Qualys - RIS has no control on scan contract pricing.

* Managed Services - Remote Control for Retail Pro issues will be included but other system maintenance will be extra. Any extra PCI maintenance performed by RIS will be billed hourly

* Assistance to upgrade to most current PCI Compliant version of Retail Pro (current software assurance required - may also require training and / or other services)

* May require purchase or upgrade to current anti-virus version - note: Symantec Norton Anti-Virus EndPoint edition is the only AV software recommended by RIS to work well with Retail Pro. PCI Compliance Documentation Includes: Current Network Schematic Data Backup Policy - We will only setup offsite backup. Will not be responsible for onsite backup. Network Access Policy Site and Company Network Security Policy

The client will be responsible for maintaining and enforcing all policies. If RIS is to continue to audit and maintain site there will be additional fees. More than 5 locations?

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Wireless NOT required? All our routers are by default wireless. Let us know when ordering.

PCI Bundle - Up to 5 locations

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